TidyFoam E-2 Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer – 1000ml, 6/CS

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Advantage Soap A7802 TidyBac antibacterial liquid hand soap kills germs with active ingredient 0.3% Triclosan.

  • Features a golden amber color and a pleasant citrus-spice scent.
  • Lathers nicely and leaves hands feeling clean and smelling great.
  • 800 mL (27 fluid oz.) per bag.
  • Excellent for use in public restrooms, office breakrooms, restaurant kitchens, schools, or healthcare facilities.
  • Stock in your restrooms and wash stations with antibacterial liquid hand soap to promote good hand hygiene to prevent illness.
  • Antibacterial cleanser liquid hand soap
  • With Triclosan
  • Kills germs
  • Features a citrus-spice scent
  • 800 ml bag in box


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