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Scott Shop Towels (3 Rolls/Pack)

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Scott Shop Towels are ideal for tough cleanup tasks, ranging from automotive spillage to general-purpose cleaning. These blue towels are strong and absorbent for wet and dry applications. Keep them in your garage, around the house, or on the job for a quick and easy solution to any mess. These strong, absorbent towels are great for wiping hands, tools and cleaning up grease, oil, grime, and fluids.

• Each roll contains 55 1-ply blue towels: 11″ x 10.4″ (41.3 sq. ft. total)
• Strong, absorbent, multi-purpose and virtually lint free.
• Can be stored on a standard towel holder for convenient dispensing of a fresh, clean towel for every use

The “Original Blue” Shop Towel – trusted car care companion for over 20 years. For tough jobs, super strong – works when wet! Ideal for changing oils, refilling fluids, and general automotive maintenance. Easily absorbs liquids, oils, and grease